Fresh Produce Summit China

一、Theme and background


Building the leading fresh produce platform 


In order to promote the reform of agricultural supply side and the One Belt And One Road national strategy, consumption continues to play a key role in the national economy. In the context of consumption, retailing is constantly innovating and transforming to attract more players. At the same time, whether focusing on vertical industries or making big platform strategies , the e-commerce is developing so rapidly that has become a part of peoples life. In addition, at the other end of the industrial chain, Central Document No.1 continues to pay attention to agriculture, to focus on the construction of rural e-commerce, logistics distribution and marketing system.

In the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry chain, fresh products are the core carrier. There are a lot of problems to resolve. For example, how to open up the supply chain of industry; how to solve the problem of information asymmetry and realize real link between base and supermarket; How to find better display and sale platform for better agricultural products; How to realize the efficient operation of from farmland to dining table; How to realize standardization and commercialization of the products in the base; How to overcome the loss of fresh logistics and so on .

Responding to the reform of agricultural supply side and the important measures of the innovation, this conference takes “Building the leading fresh produce platform” as the theme. The leaders of government department, experts and traders in the industry will be pooled together to explore new model, new technology and new platform for fresh industry. Besides, in order to lead the industry and optimize all aspects of the industrial chain, we will organize the awards of Chinese fresh industry.

We sincerely invite you to attend this summit to jointly set up the supply and demand platform for the fresh supply chain, promote cooperation and welcome the new changes of the industrial chain.


Supported by: General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ)
Organized byChina fresh net (Beijing) consulting services co. LTD

Managed byChina Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association(CIQA)       

             China Great Wall International Exhibition Co.Ltd. 

Dates&Venue: November 3-5, 2017China National Convention Center, Beijing.


CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, China Business Herald, International Business Herald, Farmers' Daily, Economic Daily, China Co-operation Times, Sina, NetEase and other well-known medias.


Host: Mr.Wang Hongda ( founder of  CnShengXian)


1Plan and forecast of fresh produce industry in China

2To explore the COOL fresh by big data

3Opportunities and challenges to the fresh produce industry under the Belt and Road

4Trends and future of fresh produce community store in China

5Secrets on 20 times increasing of fresh produce selling

6Operation skills of raw gross profit and net profit

7DialogueTo be big players on the fresh produce industry

8The initiation ceremony of ShengXianQu1

9How to make fresh products more "hot" in American stores?

10Where did the Japanese community store win?

11Dutch facilities agriculture and fresh cold chain logistics integration experience and reference

12Guide to fruit procurement in Southeast Asia

12.1 Introductions of Thai fruit

12.2 Direct purchasing model of tropical fruit (procurement processing, transaction model, orchard & packaging factory visiting, customs, the advantages and disadvantages of direct purchasing)

13The case of fresh’s fresh operation management

14、Guoshuhao high-end fresh produce community operation

15、Online + offline, business of Pagoda fruit shop