Over Half of International Booths are Booked in June

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China FVF 2014 will be held on Nov. 14 to 16 in Beijing at National Convention Center (next to Bird’s Nest). The floorplan was released on Jun. 4th. As of Jun. 27th, over half of the international zone has been booked out. New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia and South Africa exhibitors have booked their positions in June.

Compared with 2013, all these international exhibitors have increased their space. Most have doubled their booths. New Zealand’s pavilion is over 200 sqm. More sellers/growers plan to attend China FVF 2014 under their national pavilions’ umbrella. Both New Zealand and Australia have more than a dozen growers joining their association pavilion.

China FVF 2014 catches the end of APEC. The total booths (both domestic & international) are limited to 200 (3mX3m booth). At present, there are still limited numbers of booths available for international exhibitors. 

Those interested please contact: chinafvf@chgie.com or linwei@chgie.com

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