How to Bring Samples to China FVF?

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Samples can be brought to show site in the following means.

1) If your products have protocols, the most efficient and economical solution is to get some from the importers within China. In this case, there is no limit on the total weight. If you need help with transportation, contact the show organizer for help.

2) Small volume with protocol can come with luggage as exhibition samples

3) Big volume with protocol can be shipped in through our contractor.

4) Samples without protocols: Each category’s limit is 150kg. Special note shall be issued by your Embassy in Beijing to AQSIQ. Being approved, show organizer & contractor will assist with shipping, clearance and storage. On show site, please save the peels & pits every day, plus 5kg samples on the last day. Show organizer will guide you through the AQSIQ procedures on site.

For scenario 2) to 4), contact show organizer for coordination. Or see Exhibitor’s Manual.

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