Note to Exhibitors

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Dear Exhibitors,


  We appreciate your participation of China FVF. The show is in two weeks. We would appreciate it if you take some

  time and check the following points:

  1. Exhibitor Service Manual

  We suggest you read the Exhibitor Service Manual, which can be downloaded at:



  2. Website download Center

  The most important files can be found at the download center on China FVF homepage:


  3. Exhibitor/product Information

  On the confirmation notice, it is mentioned that exhibitor/product information will be used for promotion and

  exhibitor catalogue. For those who have not provided us the information, the deadline is Nov. 30. The

  catalogue is in English/Chinese. If you only provide one language, China FVF team is not responsible for

  translation. The template can be downloaded at the homepage download center:


  4. Visa application

  Because we are a state-owned enterprise, our visa invitation letter is provided by our parent company

  registered in the foreign ministry system. Therefore it can take up to 5 working days. Please inform us as early

  as possible. Visa application form can also be downloaded in the download center.


  5. Move in & Move out

  Move in 8:30 to 17:00 on Wednesday Nov. 12 & 8:30 to 21:00 on Thursday Nov. 13

  Move out 14:00 to 21:00 on Sunday Nov. 16

  Please note our move in will overlap the move out of APEC. If there are tighter security procedures in the

  facility, we appreciate your understanding.


  6. Badge & Registration

  The service desk opens at 8:30 am on Wednesday the 12 th . Each exhibitor will receive a package at the

  registration when you check in, your badges, invitations to banquet, catalogue are all included. Please fill the

  badge application form. If you need some blank one included, also please note it.


  7. Conferences

  All conferences are open to exhibitors at no cost. The schedule is at

  Exhibitors can participate the conferences showing their badges.


  8. Business Matching Meetings

  Business matching meetings create chances to meet more potential clients. From 15:00 to 17:00, there will be

  two business matching meetings at the same time in two conference rooms. One is designate to “Themed

  Russian Purchase Meeting”, in which each buyer from Russia Commonwealth will have their own separate

  table. Suppliers will take turns to talk with the buyers. The other “B2B Match Meeting” is designate to Chinese

  and other non-Russian buyers. In this session, each SUPPLIER will have their table. Buyers come to the

  suppliers’ tables. If you want to participate both, please arrange your time. Both business meetings are open

  to exhibitors at no cost, but you need to register and state your products. Spots are limited, first come, first

  take. We highly recommend you registering online:

  If you have problems, forms can be downloaded from:


  9. Hotels

  We blocked some rooms at special rate. CNCC Hotel can be booked by clicking the link:


  Because of APEC, they don’t have any room available from the 1 st to 11 th . If you don't like this hotel, you can

  also check the Exhibitor Service Manual.


  10. Furnishing Rental

  Please check the Exhibitor Service Manual


  11. Inviting your guests

  The show is open to professional visitors at no cost. Please recommend them register on line: or

  The electronic badge will be sent out to them through email.

  They can also register through Wechat (searching for CHINAFVF).


  12. Dropsend

  For big files, you can send through dropsend:

  User:; Password: 20141114


  13. Shipping

  Information on shipping can be found both in the Exhibitor Manual and on our website:

  If you want to ship in samples without protocol and have not finished all the procedure, please remember

  government organizations will be closed during 7 th to 11 th during the APEC period.


  13 Our Team

  Ms. Chen DUAN (visa, exhibitor information, conference related questions) 86-10-88102253

  Mr. Linwei JIA (stand build, furnishing, hotels, shipping related questions) 86-10-88102249

  Dr. Lisa Pang, (general) 86-10-88102346

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