Protocols: 1st Step to China Fruit Market

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Q: What fruits can be exported to China?

A: Only fruits that have obtained protocols from Chinese authority can be exported to China. A list of fruits with protocols is attached below.



Q: Which Chinese governmental organization is in charge of issuing protocols?

A: AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China).



Q: How to obtain protocols to export to China?

A: The initiative can start with the exporters, growers or associations. You can reach out to your quarantine authority, or agriculture department, who in turn works with the embassy in Beijing, China. The procedure starts with an official application from the exporting country to AQSIQ. AQSIQ then delivers an Import Risk Analysis (IRA) questionnaire to the exporting country. Based on the reply, AQSIQ will initiate the IRA evaluation process, including on-spot inspection to the applicant's orchards and farms. If the review reports are positive, both sides will start working on the paperwork and technical requirements. The protocol is always accompanied by a list of orchards and packinghouses eligible for export to China. Business and associations' involvement can help to smooth the process.



Q: How to be included/added to the List of Orchards and Packinghouses authorized to export to China?

A: The list is sent to AQSIQ by their counterpart in the exporting country. It may vary from country to country. Initial involvement can always help you to be included. If not, the exporter can reach out to their quarantine authority or agriculture department to be listed or added.

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