China FVF Online Produce Lecture 3

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China FVF Produce Lecture 3 Recap

Time:20:30-21:00, Nov. 27th, Friday

Guest Speaker: Mr. Zhongyong YU,ShanghaiEsenAgro & Shanghai LOngwu Market

Topic: A Review ofChinaImport Fruit Business in Past 20 Years & Relationship Between Domestic and Imported Produce Products



1)     The development of fruit industry inShanghai: The development of imported fruit inShanghaihas a lot to do with imported fruit market inGuangzhou. In early 1990s, Shanghai Longwu Wholesale Market purchased 70% of the imported fruits fromGuangzhou. By 2000, 70% of the fruits sold in Longwu were directly imported toShanghaiand only 30% purchased fromGuangzhou,Guangxi,Yunnanand other provinces. The number of containers imported inShanghaiincrease from 200 to 5000 in the year 2011, to 10,000 in the year 2015, not including the 10,000 containers of imported bananas. According to the statistics by the Customs,Shanghaiimports between 150 million and 180 million RMB value of fruits, with an annual growth of 40%.


2)     The relationship between imported fruit and domestic fruits:Imported fruit would not affect the development of local fruit. But it would be a kind of promotion with more communication and cooperation with industry abroad. One good example is kiwi. In 1995 when the first container of NZ kiwi arrived atShanghai, people thought they were potatoes. Now, several provinces inChinagrow kiwi, includingShaanxi,Sichuan,Guizhou,ZhejiangandShanghai. This year, Joyvio sold their kiwi toTaiwan.


3)     In recent years, more and more imported fruits got protocols to enterChinamarket. Up to 100 items are waiting AQSIQ’s protocols, for example, strawberry fromCalifornia, US; lemon, blueberry and mango fromMexico; cherry fromTurkey; circus fromItaly; avocado from NZ; grape, strawberry and mango fromEgypt. AQSIQ has a principle of reciprocity to help domestic fruits open their international market. This process will stimulate the development of domestic fruit in terms of breeding, quality, packing, branding and etc. Compared to domestic market, international market usually brings in higher returns.


4)      AboutShanghaiLongwu Wholesale Market: It was founded in 1999 as a distribution hub of imported fruit including clearing by the customs, wholesale, storage and delivery. It has nearly 150 tenants, with half focusing on imported fruit and half domestic fruit. Because of space limitations, the market cannot expand. Imported fruit can be cleared in Longwu market no matter through which port the products enterShanghai.


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