China FVF Online Produce Lecture 4

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China FVF Produce Lecture 4 Recap

Time:20:30-21:00, Dec. 4th, Friday

Guest Speaker: Mr. Gonzalo, General Manager of GESEX in China

Topic: Chilean cherries analysis of the success stories in China


The demand of Chilean cherries is grown bigger and bigger in China, the amount of export is going faster and faster.

There were 18 million boxes of Chilean cherries exported to China in the last year, which occupied 80% of entire export. it could be said the development of Chile product was because of Chinese market. At the same time, other countries also exported the cherries to China, such as Australia, USA, we realized Argentina and South Africa would come to Chinese market to competition.

Advantages for Chilean cherries export to China will enjoy 0 tariff policy, that means in the peer selection, Chilean cherries will be got more profit for Chinese distributors. At most time, Chilean cherries transport to China will catch up with Chinese New Year, so the suppliers of Chilean cherries do not only choose Shanghai or Guangzhou as main destination.

The biggest challenge of Chilean cherries is how to change consumption view, luxury products to civilian products, which better for increasing sales volume. The other challenge is how faster to China. It is a good way to hire a plane directly this year. And ship to USA and Mexico then to China by air is another good way to guarantee Chinese consumers enjoy the fresh Chilean cherries.

Chilean suppliers need to keep in touch with Chinese distributors because of huge changes in Chinese market, especially for the Chinese distributors. Electronic business become an important part of sales. We need to learn Chinese distributors how to cater to the market, including taste, color, size, package etc. For example, sale on Eastern airlines, trains and T-mall.

The success of Chilean cherries in China is replying on Chinese distributors promotion, from wholesale to retail market, they cerate the demand and market. It not only belongs to Chilean suppliers but also belongs to Chinese distributors.

Mr. Gonzalo says he hopes Chilean fruit will keep the highly quality, Chile becomes the second largest import country only to Thailand. Mr. Gonzalo lives China over 8 years, and he lives in Shanghai now. He was fully prepared with Chinese distributors who wish to cooperate in future. They also have Nectarine and Stone fruits which is another important export fruit in Chile, and they will be got the license by AQSIQ in a few days. Welcome to negotiate.

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