China FVF Online Produce Lecture 5

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China FVF Produce Lecture 5 Recap

Time:20:30-21:00, Dec. 11th, Friday

Guest Speaker: Ms. Eva Yin,Assistant to GM Export Division,Golden Wing Mau

Topic: Challenges Faced by China Fruit Export Business

We will discuss from the following five aspects of Shenzhen Golden Wing Mau Group business currently

1、Shenzhen Golden Wing Mau Group was founded from 1980s with export business. It exported south fruit varieties (including grapes, oranges, tangerine, Yunnan pomegranates),North fruit varieties(including apples, pears, Fuji etc.),South fruit exported is our company’s strength now.


2、Chinese fruit exports situation currently

Now Chinese fruit in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other markets is becoming less and less. It means the proportion is declining. The best time for Chinese fruit exports is from 1990s to 2004.It has 60% more share, but now it has fallen to 20% share. The main reason is the small-peasant economy in China, the quality of instability, the price and packaging of chaos and so on. Under the same circumstances, foreign importers tend to other countries fruit. Only because there are a lot of Chinese live in Southeast Asian countries, the demand is still there.


3、Chinese fruit exports to each country situation.

Indonesia: Pears sales is the worst. Oranges sales is the best but it needs the quota from government. While policy is not stable in Indonesia, 1 year or even every 6 months will be changed. Government gives the quota to importers is getting smaller and smaller.

Bangladesh: Bad weather of raining too much in China this year, which influences 30-40% fruit are bad quality, for exporting is very little. So Nanfeng oranges is very popular if exported and it will be sold out quickly.

Malaysia: Chinese red grapes has an advantage price. Such as Xinjiang red grapes compares with Peruvian’s, one of competition country. Though Chinese tangerine is expensive in this year, if it has a good surface and tastes sweet also will be good sold. Chinese lemon is trying to export to Malaysia, but Turkey’s lemon is better, so customers prefer to Turkey, even it is a little expensive. Oranges is popular including Sugar organs and mandarin orange because of a lot of Chinese, if only needs sweet taste, most of people will have it for Chinese New Year. 

Thailand: Yunnan pomegranate general will be sold in supermarkets.

Sri Lanka: Pomegranate is popular, customers like the surface of red more than taste. But Chinese pomegranate has a disadvantage compared with Egypt and India. They have more bigger and red pomegranate.

Russia: Because of the political factor with European and Turkey, all fruit are forbidden import except Turkey cherry. The result is a lot of demand turns to China. Although it has not a good cooperation before for their payment method and credibility, the Chinese insurance company does not participate in Russian company. But now, Chinese government policy supports export to Russia, the insurance for Russian companies is allowed.  

Singapore: Cantaloupe and Fuji apple is a stable market, but it must be sweet, otherwise claims very powerful.


4、Chinese fruit exports situation analysis

The market is weak, poor relative to the last year, this year maybe even worse. At this time export needs to pay attention is that the market environment is not good, more and more difficult to make money, if a little quality problem happens, the claims comes. The reason is the Chinese small-peasant economy can not be compared with foreigners in the quality and variety of suppliers and Chinese labor cost is increasing as before. Also they can not contend with foreigners because they don’t have the large scale cultivation, mechanization packaging, the quality and price will not be advantage. The other reason is Chinese exporters do not unite, foreigners are carried out by Association of global management and operation. They have a standard for cultivating and harvesting, even price of fruit, ensuring farmers and company interest,

South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the USA etc. exporters are becoming more and more interest in Southeast Asia, it makes customers know the products clearly. Also the price is nearly same with Chinese fruit price. For example, China 10 years ago, people do not know import fruit too much, but now in the supermarkets, we can find the import fruit has accounted for half on the counters. If Southeast Asia countries will build more and more supermarkets, they will need more demand, just like China.      


5、The opportunities and challenges or China fruit export in future.

Chinese government encourages the fruit import now, they not only meet demand for the market, but also they want to promote China’s agricultural mechanization product and packaging for the brand operation. Chinese importers and exporters has embarked a new business model, they know that brand value is the only way.

China’s current B&R policy relates to the China fruit export. The rail is prepared for going through Southeast Asia and Europe. Although the cost of transport conditions can not contend with traditional way, if China exporters can cooperate together, increasing the total amount for transporting, it is a good way to connect Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea region.

Fruit is everyone’s daily need of essential use, it has become a way of life. We believe the development prospects of fruit industry will be immeasurable.

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Fruit is everyone’s daily need. It has become a way of life. We believe our future is great and bright.

(The End)


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