China FVF Online Produce Lecture 6

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China FVF Produce Lecture 6 Recap

Time:20:30-21:00, Dec. 18th, Friday

Guest Speaker: Ms. Ana Hao,from Shanghai FCD Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Topic: Current Situation and Prospects of “Peruvian Sun Mango”



1.      Area and season of production

Peruvian exports fruit toChinaincluding red grape, oranges, avocado, mango, and blueberry will come toChinawhich it is bigger and sweet.

The main variety isKentfrom Peruvian Mango inChina, which are from in Piuraand and Ancash in north ofPeru. 50% amount are selling toEurope, the others are selling to theUSAandJapan. Usually, the production season is from the end of December to end of April next year.

2.      Inspection and Quarantine requirements for Peruvian mango

According to China AQSIQ’s requirements, every Peruvian mango needs to treat and text at no less than 46.1 degrees hot water, time limits no less than 90 minutes. The purpose is to prevent pest diseases. Our require is bringing the best mango to China, the Peruvian Agricultural Health Authority will arrange the Commissioner from picking to flying till arrive to China, for taking care of every box of Peruvian mango.

3.      Current business scope and service of FCD industrial.

Shanghai FCD industrialCo., Ltd is a company specializing in agricultural import and export business, and expanding business in Central and South American agricultural products business. Also is the first Chinese company who transfers Peruvian mango toChinafor selling by air transportation. And build the long term strategic friendship with Peruvian Agriculture Ministry of industry and Agriculture Union institutions. We want to make each key product for depth and source, and finally we can use asset injection achieve the quality control to the end of right speaking.

4.      Plans of import and export.

The initial order of Peruvian mango will be imported toChinaat the end of December this year and will be sold inBeijingandShanghai. Tthe first batch of 750 boxes will be air transported toBeijing,ShanghaiandGuangzhoutwice a week. The sales target is 100 thousand boxes in the 2015-2016 seasons.

It’s the first time for Peruvian mango to enter toChinamarket at the beginning of this year. Because of the good taste and quality, it has been accepted and loved by customers.

As regard to marketing channels,Beijing Xinfadi market, Shanghai Huizhan Market ,Guangzhou Jiangnan Market and famous E-commerce shop will co-promote the brand of Peruvian mango. We would like to cooperated with industry peers on importing Peruvian mango.

5.      Prospects of market.

No-repining Peruvian mango meets the customer’s healthy need. More and more customers would like to pay for healthy and nature. We believe Peruvian mango will be the rookies among the fruits and will be tasted by more customers.

We will hold a promotion conference with the embassy ofPeruat the end of this month. Welcome the consultations!

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