China FVF Online Produce Lecture 7

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ChinaFVF Produce Lecture 7 Recap

Time:8:30 pm to 9 pm,BeijingTime, Dec. 25 Friday

Guest Speaker:Mr. Yuanxiang Yao

Secretary ofHuangPingVillage,Xuan’en County; Chairman of Xuan’en  Golden Pear cooperative organization.

Topic: The story of Golden Pear


I am a farmer, though I have some duties, My career is a farmer.

Enshi is located inHubeiprovince. There are no highway and train a few years ago. It costs a week fromWuhanto Enshi.It is a difficult thing to plant here, golden pear is grown under this circumstance.

Agriculture is the lifeblood for farmers. If there is no harvest on time, farmers will be not possible to survive, it makes us a big challenge, the income influences directly for farmers’ basic life. Based on these circumstances, I bring golden pear on this land since 2007,meantime I bring a company for business here, make the strong support for the development of industry.

After planted we find the situations are not satisfied, one point is weather, the other point is traditional planting can’t able to support a good technology for high-end fruit planting. Although golden pear will come to see after 3 years planted, we will face to company requests of their standardized test and industrialization program acquired, which make us more difficult. Especially the following 4 year after planted, farmers can’t get the excepted benefits, they want to plant corn and rice instead, and cut all the golden pear trees which make us a big pressure.

I think the problem is the processing from traditional agriculture to standardized agriculture, the farmers can’t adapt. I have to ask experts to explain it and focus the training as important point. We explain personally the planting details on every grown land so that we can solve the problem by training. After 3 years of hard efforts, our golden pear can reach organic food standard. Business companies begin to purchaser and export toAustriaandEurope.   

Golden pear advantages are thin surface, no residue and lower sugar. Every golden pear edible part can reach 95% more or less. There is only one problem is for the high production environment, so the cost will be high, and it can’t be produced if any links can’t reach the requirements, so the products positioning is to high-end market, domestic market share is less, only we can supply a few high-end markets.

The crowd is positioned are elders, wrinkly and children, we have a good promotion and supply over demand every year.

Sales approach is to second level cities, egChongqingandWuhan, we use group buying to local firms and it is good way for selling it. Price is 88 RMB for 12 each package.

We not only start E-commerce selling this year, cooperate with Ijxwd and Joyvio E-commerce platform so that we can sell it by Internet+ way, But also build Wechat selling platform. In my opinion, as a single product, use own platform is the best way, it is better than Taobao and T-mall if we want to promote it. 

Community marketing note:

1.      Pull new person to join the community.

We analyze through all kinds of channels and find the target groups, win our funs.

2.      Attract our funs by remain them in the group.

Multi-channel comprehensive strength and promotion can decrease operating cost.

3.      Activate funs.

On a win-win basis, the funs’ enthusiasm should be driven by 5%-10% active users and the active users should be returned.


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