ChinaFVF Online Produce Lecture 15

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ChinaFVF & Produce Report Online Produce Lecture

Produce Lecture 15

Time: 20:30-21:30, Beijing time, Friday April 1st

Lecturer: Mr. Zhou Baliang, Shanghai Taihong Trading Co.

Topic: Taiwan fruit production season and Introduction


More and more Taiwan fruit are opened to trade to mainland, including pineapple, banana, guava, starfruit, papaya, mango, grapefruit, ponkan, pomelo, custard apple, wax apple, Indian jujube, murcott ponkan, grape, persimmon, dragon fruit and etc. Our main topic is the brief introduction and harvest season of Taiwan fruit, chosen skills and flavor.


Taiwan pineapple: The harvest season is all the year around. The diamond pineapple’s harvest season is between March and June(Tainung No.17). The milk pineapple and the sugarcane pineapple’s harvest season is between July and August. The length of sugarcane pineapple can reach more than 20, no less than the length of diamond pineapple. The milk pineapple gives off a faint aroma. The specification of all the mainland imported pineapple is 10 kilos and the numbers are between 5 to 12. Most pineapples are in small size this year. Small size pineapple tastes good. No less than 20 brands pineapples have been imported to mainland in March and April this year. Compared to the popular situation last year, the pineapple is unmarketable this year. The diamond pineapple tastes good in March former years. But due to the cold current year, the taste is not achieving the best this year. The legacy brands are preferred when filter by the brand. We can give priority to the yellow ones in March and April. And we can pick the pineapples by the bottom. The dry and smooth bottom of pineapple is preferred.


Mango: The imported mango to mainland diveded into 3 kinds, Irwin mango,Golden mango and Kaite mango.The harvest season of Golden Mango is between May and July, the Irwin mango is between May and July and Kaite mango lasts to September. The specification of Irwin mango is 5 kilos and 8-17 in number, Golden mango is 6 kilos and 4-7 in number and Kaite mango is 6 kilos and 7-8 in number. The producing area of Taiwan mango is in the south part, including Pingtung, Kaohsiung and Tainan.


Wax apple: Taiwan wax apple is one of the best wax apple of the world and Pingtund’s wax apple is the best wax apple in Taiwan. Wax apple divided to 3 kinds, Black pearl,Honey bell and Palm. Black pearl is the sweetest one and can be stored for a long time. Honey bell is crisp and not sweet than Black pearl. Palm is in a delicate flavor and a big size. Wax apple has been supplied all the year around. Honey bell has been supplied in the first half year and Black pearl in the second half year. The specification of all the 3 kinds  are all 6 kilos. The size includes L,XL,XXL,extra and extra large.


Custard apple: Custard apple is popular in Shanghai and east China and Guangzhou. Custard apple is one of the sweetest fruit in the world. There are two species traded to mainland, pineapple and big eye. Big eye custard apple is hard to be traded because it is hard to storage and transportation. It cannot be cold storage and has to be transport by air. Most of custard apple traded to mainland is pineapple custard apple. It can be clod storage and FCL transport to mainland. The specification of custard apple is 6 kilos and 8-15 in number. The bigger ones, the higher price. The harvest time of custard apple is between November and April in the coming year.

Banana: The quality of Taiwan banana is better than South American and Philippines banana. It tastes fragrant and sweet. It had been imported to mainland in 2014. The harvest time is all the year around. The specification is 16 kilos.


Guava: Guava is popular in Fujian and Guangdong. It is low-sugar. And the harvest time is all the year around. It is divided into 2 species, Pearl guava (white core) and Red core guava. The specification is 10 kilos and 20-45 in numbers. Matured guava is soft core and crisp skin,with liquorice taste.


Starfruit: there are 2 species of starfruit traded to mainland, Red dragon and Green dragon. The taste of Red dragon is better than Green dragon. Green dragon has good appearance. The specification is 8 kilos and divided into L and XL. The harvest time is the whole year.


Papaya: Papaya(Tainung No. 2) is in a big size. The specification is 6 kilos. It is improved variety and NON-GMO.


Pomelo: Taiwan pomelo is well-known. Most of pomelo originate in Yunlin instead of in Madou this year because Madou is typhoon disaster area. The specification is 6 kilos and gift set is 3 kilos. The smaller pomelo is better than the bigger ones. Originate place and woods is the main choice rules.


Murcott ponkan: Murcott ponkan is improved variety. It has been planted in Guangxi and Yunnan. The harvest in Guangxi and Yunnan this year is as good as Taiwan murcott ponkan. But the best taste murcott ponkan is still originated in Taiwan. Murcott ponkan’s best-selling year is 2014. Influced by domestic planting, Murcott ponkan can not be sold in a high price now.

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