ChinaFVF 2019 Fresh Conference

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Together with China FVF 2019, China FVF

Conference will be held again to analysis the industry trends and innovation

development. Come and meet the professionals and bigshots.

Register and any suggestion, please

contact with Ms. Dorothy at


□ China FVF Conference

Pool together the decision makers in the

fresh industry to share and analyze the latest information in terms of

policies, trading and technologies.

□ B2B Matching Meeting

Meet the supplies and buyers efficiently

and effectively

□ China FVF innovation

Discover the most innovative fresh products provided by FVF exhibitors and analyze consumer trends and new products in the Asian fresh market.

□ China and Europe Fru & Veg Forum

Fresh professionals from China and European countries work together to solve theproblems and obstacles occurred intrading.

□ Fur & Veg Floral Arrangement Invitational Tournament

Expand the cross-border consumption.


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