Xuwen pineapples sold to the Middle East for the first time

Date:2016-05-18 View: 16 Compiler:
At the end of April this year, 4 containers that were filled with Xuwen pineapples (25 tons per container), arrived at a major port, Abbas port in Iran. They were transported by a large ocean cargo ship from a large logistic company in Shenzhen city earlier in April. This is the first time that Xuwen pineapples were exported to the Middle East markets.  These pineapples sold out very quickly at the local markets, causing more attention and interest from Middle East customers.

On the morning of May 10, Mr.Ali (transliteration) arrived at Xuwen County for a filed check about the local agricultural products. Afterwards he immediately decided to import again 7 containers of Xuwen pineapples and 10 containers of bananas to Middle Eastern markets by ocean cargo. 
                                                                                  (Source: Zhanjiang News Network)

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