Jingdong opens its first cold storage in Tianjin city

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On May 9, Jingdong (one of China's leading e-commerce platforms) fresh produce and Zhengming Logistics jointly open their cold storage in Tianjin Lanxi cold chain logistic center.  This one serves as Jingdong's first cold chain storage in Tianjin city, which will be operated through Shanghai Zhengming logistic system. Thanks to its minus 18 degrees' cold chain, customers can receive their fresh produce within 6 hours after placing the orders online.

This cold chain storage covers an area of 1,000 square meters, and it is divided into two sections, one for general storage and the other for storing fresh produce with strong odors, such as Durian. Mr. Zhu Shaojun, the manager of this cold storage said: "Now we have eight production lines, each production line has the capacity to prepare 500 orders. Next to this, our improved system enables us to check order information in a more efficient way. To be more specific, it only costs 10 minutes from receiving customer orders to placing all the ordered products into the cold storage box."

This cold storage is set up to expand the range of service for Jingdong. In Particular, Jingdong has implemented very specific regulations for the cold chain delivery distance.  To guarantee good quality fresh produce, the delivery time is strictly required within 6 hours.
                                                                                     (Source: Tianjin North Network)

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