China starts Turkish cherry import

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Turkey has been given the green light to start exporting cherries to China after a round of negotiations between Turkish exporters and Chinese authorities, said Reza Sayar, president of the Union of Fruit and Vegetable Exporters of the Aegean Sea.
According to Sayar, the Union has recently implemented more than 10 projects to try giving a boost to Turkey's fresh fruit and vegetable exports.
"We have discussed the steps that could be taken to improve fruit and vegetable exports, and we have looked into markets like Japan, China, Malaysia and South Korea, where we have seen a demand for cherries and fresh figs."
"We also met with Turkish Airlines and we agreed on several points to facilitate shipping to South East Asia and the Middle East in a quick and effective manner and at a lower cost," Syar said.
He added that exporters shipped more than 3,500 tonnes of products during 2016, and about 6,200 tonnes last year.

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