Late-maturing citrus market analysis

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Each year, the period from January to June is the time when the late-maturing citrus varieties arrive on the Chinese market. April is the peak of this period and some of the prices are increasing. Here is the sample that shows the price dynamics of three late-maturing citrus varieties such as "Late-ripening Navel Orange", "Ma Shuijuan" and "Orri Tangerine", based on representative data. 
According to statistics from, during the week of April 9-16, the average purchase price of "Late-ripening Navel Oranges" fell by about 9%, and the operating range was between 3-3.27 yuan per kilogram. The price of "Ma Shuijuan" is almost the same, with a decrease of about 4.3%. The operating range is between 2.25-2.35 yuan per kilogram. The average purchase price of "Orri Tangerines" has increased by 4.9%, from 5.92 yuan per kg on April 9 to 6.21 yuan on April 16.
The prices are temporarily stable 
At this moment, there are many late-maturing varieties on the market, such as "Blood Oranges", "Late-ripening Navel Oranges", "Valencia oranges", "W.Murcott Mandarins" and "Kiyomis".  The active supply of fresh citrus will continue until May-July, but then the number of orders will become smaller under the impact of seasonal fruits such as mangoes and watermelons. The overall purchase price in the production areas will be around 4-4.8 yuan per kilo.
Talking about the late-maturing citrus varieties market in general, the time of the acquisition of citrus fruits from the production areas is almost over. The market circulation is limited and concentrated (, so the distributors can take the profits. Late-maturing varieties of Navel oranges could be difficult to sell at the end of the season, but by using the right channels, they can be sold without a noticeable decrease in prices.

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