Guangxi watermelons arrive early on the market

Date:2018-04-26 View: 25 Compiler:
This year, Guangxi watermelons began to arrive on the market on April 17, which is a week earlier than last year. The price is one yuan. The majority of the watermelons have just begun to ripen. It is expected that the production areas of Guangxi will start to send their watermelons to market on 25th of April and then the volumes will gradually increase.
According to the experience of previous years, merchants will be in a great rush to buy the goods before May Day. Until that time, prices will stay at the same level. As the temperature rises, the abundance of sunshine will accelerate the ripening process and many watermelons will enter the market. The prices will slowly decline. This year, a large number of watermelons will arrive on the market before the May Day, so there shouldn't be any sudden changes in prices.

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