Chengmai pineapples sell like hot cakes

Date:2018-04-27 View: 7 Compiler:
The sales of Chengmai pineapples blew up this year. According to the Chengmai County Pineapple Industry Association the harvest from more than 1,333 hectares of pineapple plantations in Chengmai recently entered the market. The overall sales volume reached 60 million kg. Chengmai plantations had a slightly smaller production per hectare than in previous years as a result of poor weather conditions, but the price went up.
In the past, Chengmai farmers all practised "individual management" on their plantations. Retail channels were also relatively narrow. Since the Chengmai Pineapple Industry Association was established in July of last year, the Chengmai pineapple industry has implemented technical management and established product brands. The Chengmai pineapple performed at the Asian Fruit and Vegetable Industry Exposition, the Hainan "Winter meeting" and "Hainan Exposition". Consumers at each exposition, as well as large supermarket traders and wholesale market traders, all increased their knowledge of Chengmai pineapples, which has resulted in a rush on Chengmai pineapples when they entered the market.

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