Large volume of low priced cucumbers in central China

Date:2018-05-14 View: 8 Compiler:
The price of cucumbers in the Wanbang Market showed a downward trend last week. The cucumbers currently for sale in Wanbang market are mainly from Xinxiang and Shangqiu, with a small volume from the northeast. Local cucumbers also gradually enter the market.
The main reasons for this development are as follows: first, there are many production areas and the supply volume is large. The week before last, supply mainly came from Xinxiang, Shangqiu, Shandong, and the northeast. Local production areas also gradually bring their harvest to the market this week. The supply volume greatly exceeds demand. Furthermore, cucumbers are difficult to store when the weather is hot. Traders cannot help but lower their prices. Second, cucumbers grow quicker when temperatures rise. This shortened growth period further increases supply volume.

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