Watermelon prices continue to fall

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The weather has been unpredictable lately, and so the market conditions for watermelons have been unstable. The supply is also slower than in previous years. However, the price is both lower in comparison with the same period last year and in comparison with previous weeks. The main supply source of watermelons has been south China in recent weeks, and since the supply volume was small, the price was relatively high. Both price and sales volume were good. The price of Hainan watermelons was higher than 9 yuan [1.41 USD] per kg, and the price of Yunnan watermelons was higher than 6 yuan [0.94 USD] per kg.
Now that major production areas have begun to bring large volumes of watermelons onto the market, and temperatures have failed to increase, the price has become unstable. The main supply of watermelons in the Beijing market currently comes from Hainan. There are two varieties. One is the Qilin watermelon, the other is the Zongjiu watermelon, which is also called Tianwang. Overall, the price of watermelons recently showed a downward trend.
Based on patterns in previous years, the supply volume and sales volume will continue to increase, and the price will continue to fall. Shandong watermelons are doing relatively well this year. They will enter the market in another week, which will increase the overall supply volume. The transport cost of Shandong watermelons is low, and in combination with the increased volume of watermelons on the market, this will lead to a further price decrease.

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