Shanxi Yuncheng exports fruit to Russia

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Yuncheng in Shanxi organized a promotional activity on May 11th in the largest land port of China--Manzhouli. They promoted their local fruit export to Russia. On that day, Yuncheng fruit businesses, fruit traders, and visiting traders from Manzhouli as well as other places, together signed 13 trade agreements. The overall value of these trade agreements is 187.98 million yuan [29.48 million USD] and covers 42,750 tons of all kinds of fruit.
Yuncheng is located on a loess plateau on the 35th parallel north. The area has much sunshine and high temperature differences, as well as rich soil layers. These natural conditions are excellent for apple production. The are is also called a "golden production area". Yuncheng currently has a surface area of 220 thousand hectares devoted to fruit production with an annual production volume of 6.3 billion kg. The surface area of apples accounts for about 135 thousand hectares with an annual production volume of 4.1 billion kg. This is one of China's largest fruit production areas when it comes to surface area and production volume. Yuncheng exported 372 thousand tons of fruit products in 2017. The number of export destinations increased from 37 countries to 55. Export from Yuncheng accounts for about 80% of the fruit export volume and value in Shanxi.

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