Summer citrus will gradually enter the market

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In May all kinds of late-maturing citrus such as Buzhihuo, Chunjian and Wogan, has entered the end of the production season. However summer citrus usually blossoms in the spring of the first year and will harvest at the end of February and the beginning of July in the next summer. Now the summer citrus in the main cultivation areas such as Hunan, Hubei, Chongqing has gradually entered the market.
In recent years, as the market of summer citrus is prosperous, the price has also risen up. Growers have become more active and the cultivation areas enlarged. Meanwhile, the harvest season of summer citrus can last till July, which effectively filled the market gap between May and July.  
However, compared to the 30 million ton of production volume of citrus, that of domestic summer citrus in China is less than 10 thousand ton, which only takes about 3% of the total amount. While the production volume of American and Brazilian summer citrus takes up 50%. Summer citrus is also an important processing variety. The low production volume of it is also a crucial factor which affects the development of Chinese orange juice industry. 

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