The price of Xuwen pineapples plummets to new low

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The price of Xuwen pineapples plumbs new lows. Normally, at this time, Xuwen pineapples can be sold as 2.3 Yuan/Jin. But this year, the price keeps "jumping down". The buying price of best-quality fruits is 0.6 RMB-0.7RMB/Jin, that of the second-best is only 0.2RMB/Jin. It is believed to be the second sharp fall after the 2016 unsellable event. 
Influenced by the cold wave this year, the duration of Xuwen pineapples in the market has been extended. In normal situations, after May, the supply should come to an end. However, this year, it has been extended until the end of June. Although the extension of the period exists, there are still occasions when the pineapples intensively enter the market in a short time. After May, normally, the demand for pineapples will exceed the supply. Thus, the price will keep increasing. The fruit growers have tasted some "sweetness". This year, it has been decided to delay the time when the pineapples enter the market, which leads to the result that the capacity of the market unexpectedly increases.
The professionals analyzed when lychees, longans, Chinese wampee fruit and watermelons entered the market. The market performance of Xuwen pineapples will be hit by that of other tropical fruits. It is expected that in the following one or two weeks, if there is no other solution to change the current sluggish situation, the price will continue to fall. 

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