Increased loquat production in Ningbo

Date:2018-05-25 View: 4 Compiler:
The warm weather of the past few days accelerated fruit ripening in Ningbo. The loquats from Xiangshan and Ninghai have entered the market early. The influence of warm weather on the fruit production in this area was small this year. People in the industry estimate that fruit production in Ningbo this year will exceed the production volume of the last two years. The price will also be slightly lower than in previous years as large volumes of fruit enter the market at the same time in early May.
Cold weather caused crop failures for loquats in the plains of Ningbo, but this year the influence of cold weather was small, so production increased by around 10% in comparison with the last two years. The loquat production volume was small last year. The average price of white loquats in the late season was between 20 and 30 yuan [3.12-4.69 USD] per 0.5 kg. This year the loquat enter the market at the same time and in larger volumes. The price in the late season is likely to be lower than in previous years, but will not be lower than the guaranteed price of 10 yuan [1.56 USD] per 0.5 kg.

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