Seasonal drop in vegetable prices

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A survey of the Beijing Shuitun Market showed that the vegetable production volumes rose at the start of the summer and the price of vegetables therefore showed a seasonal drop. There are three main reasons for this development: first, the weather becomes warmer in summer and vegetables, leafy vegetables in particular, grow quicker. This leads to an obvious increase of the supply, which in turn brings down the price; second, production areas are nearby, transport is shortened, and the cost price comes down. The main vegetable production areas are currently in Hebei and near Beijing. 
The cost price of vegetables decreased because transport from these nearby production areas takes only a short time; third, the production volume of leafy vegetables increased which also caused a price decrease. The survey shows that the overall volume of leafy vegetables currently on the market increased by 18%, while the price dropped by 15.6%.
These conditions will persist, so analysts from the Beijing Shuitun market News Center predict that the vegetable price will remain low in the foreseeable future.

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