High-priced Fujian bayberries enter the market

Date:2018-05-30 View: 32 Compiler:
Bayberries usually enter the market every year in June, but this year they have already appeared on the market in May. However, the price of these early bayberries is relatively high. Good-quality bayberries are sold for 40-50 yuan [6.32-7.89 USD] per 0.5kg. All the major e-commerce platforms already offer bayberries. The price has maintained its high position from pre-orders last week to deliveries this week.
There are several reasons for the high price of bayberries this year. This year, Fujian bayberries arrived on the market one month earlier than in previous years. The volume is small and there are currently no other supply sources. This has attracted the attention of consumers from all over the country. Offline and online marketing channels depend on the market in Xiamen, where the price of bayberries has naturally gone up.

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