High volumes of Sweet melons push down market price

Date:2018-06-13 View: 10 Compiler:
In June, the price of sweet melons in the market generally decreased. The main reasons are: firstly, the production volume is high. The main cultivation areas of sweet melons in the market are Shandong and Anyang. Hebei ranks the second place. The melons of Shandong have already entered the mid-late sales periods. After a month, they will disappear from the market. Compared to last month, the volume entering the market has increased, because of the favorable weather, the second crop of melons in various cultivation areas has been early.
Secondly, the competitive pressure is huge. Sweet melons of various cultivation bases are now ripe. Many small merchants are selling sweet melons too. Since the quality guarantee period is limited, in order to sell sweet melons in a short period, many merchants reduced the price, which influenced the market and led to the depreciation. 

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