Vegetable prices unstable as Dragon Boat Festival arrives

Date:2018-06-19 View: 17 Compiler:
The middle of June has arrived and many open-field vegetables are in their harvesting season. They start to arrive on the market in large volumes, which affects the price of vegetables on the market. While increased temperatures have led to larger volumes of seasonal vegetables, the spring vegetables are already leaving the market. Furthermore, the weather is unpredictable, which means that the vegetable price increase is not certain.
The price of vegetables from most areas is currently in decline, but the price of vegetables from some areas defiantly increases. The price of some vegetables increased because production volumes decreased. In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival has arrived, which will certainly influence vegetable prices. When people are in a festive mood, the demand for vegetables increases.
Temperatures increase in June, and if that was the only factor, then vegetable prices would drop. However, the Dragon Boat Festival may raise the price of some vegetables. The only thing that is certain is that vegetable prices will be at their lowest point in June. After temperatures have reached a certain point, they will come down and so will the price of vegetables.

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