Price of lychee takes a dive

Date:2018-06-20 View: 3 Compiler:
Lychees had a high "social status" only two weeks ago, but now the tropical fruit has become the main sales promotion in many fruit stores. The discount on lychees can be as high as 50%. The current price is 15 yuan [2.33 USD] per 0.5 kg, while the price of "King Lychee" was 30 yuan [4.66 USD] per 0.5 kg last year.
Many large production areas of lychees have enjoyed a bumper harvest this year. This was the case for virtually all lychee varieties. The increased production volume has dragged the market price down. The price decreased by as much as 20%. Apart from this, many traders are used to keep lychees on ice or in refrigerated storage to extend the shelf life, but the increased demand for refrigerated storage has driven up the cost price. Furthermore, the weather is quite unpredictable this year, which makes it difficult for traders to decide on a course.

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