Guangxi mangoes enter the market in large volumes

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Various kinds of fruit are currently flooding the market. Guangxi is China's largest mango production area. Mango's enter the market in large volumes from mid- to late June. They are expected to arrive 7-12 days earlier than last year. The main production areas in Guangxi are distributed over Baise, Nanning, and Qinzhou. The heart of the Guangxi mango production is in the Youjiang, Tianyang, Tiandong, and Tianlin districts of Baise.
The Guangxi winter was dry and cold last year. There was no frost during the mango blossom season, neither was there harm from high temperatures. The temperature went up during March to May and there was abundant sunshine with little rain. These were excellent conditions for mango blossoms, growing fruit, and ripening fruit. It is estimated that Guangxi mangoes will enter the market in large volumes in mid- to late June, which is 7-12 days earlier than last year. The overall production volume will be larger than last year.
The rainy season is currently over and the Guangxi mango harvest season has begun. The price is still low, but market trends show that the price will likely increase later in the season when other seasonal fruits (lychees and cherry) are no longer on the market in large volumes and the initial competition from imported mangoes decreases.

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