China wants to buy Dominican avocados

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The Chinese-Dominican Chamber of Commerce, the Association for the Development of Ocoa (ADESJO), and the Association of Producers of Avocados of Ocoa (Aprao), held a meeting with dozens of Chinese producers and businessmen, which expressed the Asian market's interest in acquiring avocado from the Dominican Republic.
The event, which was attended by Roberto Santana, the president of the Chinese-Dominican Chamber of Commerce, Hou Xiongwen, Wang Zilin, Beijin North Star, Chinese companies, and officials of the ADESJO, was held in this entity's auditorium.
At the meeting, Roberto Santana spoke about a new perspective of international business and said that avocado producers in this region deserved being taken into account as they were some of the largest and most consistent producers.
He also highlighted the interest of the Chinese market in acquiring the country's fruit and asked the Producers Association to promote a meeting to create a national team for negotiations with China.
"We need to take advantage that Ocoa had this meeting, Ocoa has large companies, such as Macapi, Agroindustria Ocoeña, and others," he said.
In turn, the Chinese businessmen said this was a great opportunity for avocado producers because of the diplomatic relations that China and the Dominican Republic recently established.
China only knows the Hass avocado variety, which isn't produced much in this area, but producers are working to increase volumes.
"For the moment, the priority is avocado, then we can expand to other products like Chinola and coffee," said Beijin North Star.
Other topics discussed at the event were: the possible benefits and risks for the country resulting from the cultivation of avocado to protect the forests and waters of Ocoa, and the challenges of the APRAO, which has requested a processing plant for guacamole and chompoo oil, a packing house with a storage center, a truck for the transport of the fruit, and the improvement of irrigation systems.
Hector Gonzalez, Raul Jeronimo, Jose Gonzalez, Onelcido Nuñez, and biologist Milciades Mejia, among other producers highlighted the importance of the Chinese market and said that exports to that market would soon be a reality and have a promising future.

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