China has become a major importer of Pakistani fruit

Date:2018-06-28 View: 25 Compiler:
According to the statistics of the Pakistan customs, the trade volume between China and Pakistan has reached nearly 15.6 billion USD. China has already become the main partner of the Pakistani bilateral trade. Pakistan is abundant with fruits, especially mangoes, bananas and peaches. Since the production volume is too high, most of the fruits will be sold abroad. However, in the market, the supply exceeds the demand. 
China's "huge appetite" has lessened the burden on Pakistan. Due to the Nipah virus infection in India, the huge amounts of fruits that were imported from there may have some risks attached. As one of the leading exporters of fruit, Australia has a long-standing reputation for the high price of its produce. But recently, the China-Australian relationship is not going so well. China might reduce its imports of Australian fruits and the increased imports of Pakistani fruits might fill that gap.

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