Vietnamese lychee exports to China near end of season

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The Vietnamese Department of Agriculture and Rural Development stated on June 26th that Bag Giang Province had already exported 87 thousand tons of lychees to more than 30 countries since the harvest season began. Tao Chunqiang, the deputy commissioner of Bag Giang Chamber of Industry and Commerce, stated that the lychee season will end in another 10-15 days.
The majority of Vietnamese lychees are sold on the domestic market, while the rest are exported to more than 30 countries. Major export destinations include European Union countries, Russia, the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia. China is the largest export market for Vietnamese lychees. Up until June 25th more than 178 Chinese traders visited Vietnamese businesses in Bac Giang to coordinate lychee export to the Chinese market. The lychee price is stable and remains on average between 5-25 thousand Vietnamese Dong [0.22-1.09 USD] per kg. Top-quality lychees with large fruit and excellent taste sell for as much as 35-40 thousand Vietnamese Dong [1.52-1.74 USD] per kg.

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