Ecuador seeks business opportunities in China's fruit market

Date:2018-07-04 View: 6 Compiler:
The Business Report, an Ecuador newspaper, reported on June 28th that the Ecuador Minister of Agriculture, Ruben Flores, stated that one major aim of their cooperation with Ecuador and China is to promote business opportunities for the import of Ecuadorean fruit to the Chinese market and to encourage the development of the agricultural industry.
Ruben Flores participated in the Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress (BARC2018), which was held in Beijing. He met with high-level officials from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. He also prepared for the upcoming visit of Ecuador's president Lenin Moreno to China in September. He also discussed the quarantine inspection requirements for certain "key" products such as yellow pitahaya, avocado, banana, and pineapple, with the China Customs Office. According to Flores this meeting was an excellent opportunity to use the superiority of Ecuador's fruit products to further open the Chinese market.

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