Blueberry market prospects look good

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When Wang Zhongwei carried out a thorough investigation of the Chinese fruit market in 2009, he found that there was a lot of growth potential in the blueberry industry. On the one hand, blueberries have great nutritional and medicinal value. On the other hand, the price of domestic blueberries is relatively high because the production volume is small and the blueberries enter the market early. The price of domestic blueberries is similar to that of international blueberries. Production areas sell fresh blueberries for more than 100 yuan [14.57 USD] per kg.
In the following year Wang Zhongwei established the Shandong Lianbang Blueberry Industry Co Ltd. This company now owns 100 hectares of blueberry plantations, including a self-sufficient plantation from breeding and seedling cultivation to mature production, as well as an integrated service from plantation and processing to retail. In addition, the company closely cooperates with domestic and foreign research institutes to develop a high-tech blueberry industry in China.
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