China accounts for 39% of the world’s fruit and veg production

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China has strengthened its position as the world's largest fruit and vegetable producer, according to the latest FAO statistics, surpassing India and the United States.
According to the latest figures, corresponding to the year 2016, China's fresh fruit and vegetable production amounted to 708 million tons; up 3% compared to a year earlier.
The country accounts for 39% of world's fruit and vegetable production, followed by India (10%) and the US (4%).
The Chinese vegetable production amounted to 448 million tons, compared to 447 million tons in 2015, with potatoes, tomatoes and cabbages as the most important products.
Meanwhile, the country's fruit production amounted to 259 million tons, compared to 249.5 million tons a year earlier, and with watermelons, apples and pears as the top products.
For its part, India produced 180 million tons, the same volume as in 2015, consisting of 105.5 million tons of vegetables and 74.3 million tons of fruit.
The US ranked third with 71.6 million tons, 1.3% less than in 2015, when 72.6 million tons were produced. The US production consisted of 45 million tons of vegetables and 26.6 million tons of fruit.
Other large producers were Russia (48.6 million tons), Turkey (47.8 million tons), Brazil (45.4 million tons), Mexico (32.7 million tons), Iran (32.2 million tons), Ukraine (32 million tons) and Spain (31.2 million tons), according to FAO data for 2016.

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