Fruit cheaper despite reduced production volumes

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The production volumes of many kinds of fruit decreased this autumn as a result of cold weather, but demand did not decrease at all. The daily sales volume of fruit increased by 15% in comparison with the same period last year, despite the popularity of "small-size" packaged fruit prior to the Mid-Autumn Festival [24 September 2018].
The production volumes of apples, pears, and oranges decreased in many production areas as a result of cold weather in April. The national apple production volume decreased by more than 30%, while the national pear production volume decreased by 30%-40%.
Apples still maintain a leading role, as the sales volume equalled that of last year, despite the 30% decrease in production volume. Apart from this, the sales volumes of winter dates, pomegranates, and honey pomelo greatly increased. Winter dates are grown indoors and do not suffer from poor weather conditions. Their production volume did not decrease but increased instead. The main production areas of winter dates are in Shaanxi, with secondary production areas in Shandong and Hebei. Their overall sales volume increased by around 60% and the price decreased by around 20%.
Industry analysts say that fruit retailers previously changed large-size packaged fruit to smaller packages to meet with consumer demands. In the last two years more people in the industry have sensed this trend as wholesale dealers face pressure from retailers. If this is the consumer demand, then why should production areas not produce smaller packages of fruit? This will reduce the cost price and reduce labor cost.
Source: Jiangnan Evening News

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