Rising prices for red jade watermelons

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Last week, the price of red jade watermelons showed an upward trend, mainly due to the decrease in the volume of goods produced and the increase in demand. The currently marketed red jade watermelon is from Hubei. According to the merchants, this week the Hongyu watermelon has entered its final period on the market. It is expected that its sale will be completed in about 10 days, and no other production sites will be listed, and the market volume will gradually decrease.
During the National Day, the overall purchase volume of the fruit market increased, especially the increase in fruit sales in gift boxes. The red jade watermelon has always been known as the gift watermelon, so the sales volume has risen. The market has been in short supply, and thus the price has risen as well.
With the end of the National Day, consumer demand for red jade watermelon falls and the quality and taste deteriorate later in the season, so the price will drop.
Source: Henan Wanbang International Market

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