2017 Report

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A New Success of ChinaFVF 2017


As ChinaFVF 2017 successfully wrapped its 9th show on Nov. 3-5 in Beijing, officials were proud to report record-setting numbers during the three-day event. Present by Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), China Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA) and China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (CHGIE), ChinaFVF 2017 pooled together over 300 exhibitors with around 500 new varieties and 1200 brands from 23 main producing area in China and 35 countries and areas around the world. This year’s event experienced significant growth across the board, and as the sole trade show to exhibit the products without permission, further solidified its position as the No. 1 Fresh Show in China.


National Pavilions Gathering with Different Shining Spots

As the partner country, the Philippinesexhibit together with other embassies, foreign associations, organizations, groups and companies forming 14 national pavilionsin ChinaFVF 2017 including Australia, Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, United States, Vietnam, etc., specially withJapan, Singapore and Turkey presenting their first show in this exhibition. They mainly exhibit products with and without import permit, like baby kiwis, garlics, onions, shallots, artichokes, small cauliflowers, heirloom tomatoes from France, avocadoes, dragon fruits, IQF mangoes from Philippines, mandarins, lemons, pomegranates and oranges from Turkey, durians and ruby grapefruits from Thailand, blueberries, California strawberries and avocadoes from the United States, and other advanced technologies. This demonstration not only brings a good start for the opening of the new varieties in the future, but also provides a great platform for the qualified products seeking of new markets.


The Belt and Road, and Demonstration Areasintegrate the Global Trade

In order to take advantage of the policies to better promote the trade development in this industry, aspecial exhibiting area for the Belt & Road countries of fruits and vegetables is set on site, involving about 20 important countries and regions, like Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Poland, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Vietnam, etc. Andfor increasing the export of domestic fruits and vegetables, a special exhibiting area for National Exported Food and Production Quality Safety Demonstration Areasled by AQSIQ is set to show the 800 high quality premium products from 33 Areas in China.


A hub for the International Famous Brands

During the exhibition, international industry organizations and companies like ASOEX from Chile, FPEF from South Africa, HIA from Australia, Interfel from France, Properu from Peru, etc., welcomes visitors all around the world. There are also top brands that cover the whole industry chain, like Mr. Apple, Pipfruit, T & G and Zespri from New Zealand, Driscoll’s and Mr. Avocado from the United States, Dole from Philippines, Office of Agricultural Affairs of Royal Thai Embassy in Beijing, Joy Wing Mau, Xinfadi Wholesale Market, Taihe Pioneer Int’l Trade, George Int’l Trade, Chen’s Sun, Guizhou Dinghao, Harvest Land Int’l Trading, Xingyeyuan Group, Anyijia Industrial, Maf Roda, Reemoon, Dehezi Artificial Environmental Tech, Lvyuan Packing Tech, Honeywell, Lemeng Information Tech, Aowei Biotech in China. 


Record-settingNumber of Visitors and Purchasing Groups from 36 Countries and Regions  Over 13,000 professional visitors from domestic and worldwide visited ChinaFVF this year. The number ofprofessional visitors got a big increase comparing with the last session. For Chinese visitors, besides the first-tier cities, more and more visitors from supermarkets, chain stores, retail stores, e-commerce, Wechat business, growers, enterprises, decision-makers from purchasing groups in the second and third tier cities come and buy. As for the visitors from foreign countries and regions, like Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, United States, European and South American countries, actively participate the activities and B2B matching meetings during the exhibition. 


Multiple Activities Triggering New Thoughts

Under the theme of Fresh Innovation Drives Leading Industry Brands, the conferences and forums contain industry hot spots like the deeply analysis of Chinese

Imported and homegrown consuming market, importing and exporting policies, brand building, technology innovation, etc.

 ChinaFVF Fresh Conference & Inspection and Quarantine International Forum Ms. Lou Junwen, director of biological safety office, animal and plant quarantine supervision department of AQSIQ, Mr.Daniel Sauvaitre, secretary general of Interfel France, Mr.Howard Staveley, first secretary of ministry of primary industries of New Zealand, Mr. Zhang Yuxi, president of Xinfadi Agricultural Products, Ms. Mabel Zhuang, founder of Produce Report, launched speeches. They dissected Chinese policies, analyzed importing and exporting consuming market and potential opportunities in the future by gathering big data.   

High-tech Innovation Forum

Industry professionals in domestic and abroad like Mr. Phil Turnbull, CEO of Apple and Pear Australia, Mr. Wang Qingguo, professor of Shandong Agricultural University, etc. shared their knowledge from variety cultivating, planting, orchard managing, sorting, packaging, refreshment, and storage, which intuitively described the whole chain to keep the good quality of the fruits.

Fresh Forum on Global Brand Building

Mr. Robin Qin, T&G CEO in China, shared the experience of brand building and promoting of Jazz and Envy apples in China market. Mr. Wang Jiangtao, general manager of Lantao Group, promoted the development of Mr. Avocado, which is the first instant avocado brand in China. Mr. Li Liang, marketing director of Joy Wing Mau Group, introduced different promotion strategies and brand building plans in B2B and B2C channels. And Dole launched a speech about the next new avocado variety that they planned to promote in China. Under the situation that foreign fruits being largely exported to China, how should domestic fruits earn more market share? Brand differentiation is the answer said Mr. Zhuang Qingchao, who is from China Agriculture Produce Branding Research Center provided.

B2B Matching Meeting 

As one of the highlights during the exhibition every year, B2B matching meeting gathers suppliers and buyers together to meet new partners and enlarge business. With professional buyers from all around the world and the participation of famous distributors like Globus, Tander, YH Superstores, Carrefour, etc. this year, new cooperation were settled on site. 

ChinaFVF Innovation Area

What are the new varieties recently? Which innovations will lead the future trends? To uncover the mysteries, ChinaFVF set a specific innovation area to exhibit the new varieties and advanced technologies during the exhibition. Based on the voting and feedback by the visitors, the organizing committee presents the top 3 innovation awards to the yellow-peach cans of Anhui Pear Stupa Biotechnology, redlove apples of Guonong Baoxing (Beijing) Agricultural Development and asparagus peas of Nanhai Jueyue Fruit and vegetable production and marketing, which covered the deep processing, fruit and vegetable products. This is the future developing trend that the consumers expect. It also encourage the enterprises keep innovating to make the fruit and vegetable industry in a healthy development, which is also the goal and mission of ChinaFVF.

2017 ChinaFVF Awards

The organizing committee worked together with the professional organizations in the industry and presented awards like Innovation Award to Reemoon and Lvyuan Packaging, Fresh Award to ASOEX, Marketing Award to Dole Philippines, T&G New Zealand, Premium Supplier Award to Joy Wing Mau Group and Outstanding Contribution Award to New Zealand Embassy Beijing, China and Peru Embassy Beijing, China. 

Others meetings like China and Europe Fru & Veg Forum, Fresh Produces Summit China, Multilateral Meeting on Inspection and Quarantine, Fru &Veg Floral Arrangement Innovation Tournament, etc. analyze inspection and quarantine policies, international fruit and vegetable trading trends and consuming concept from different angles.

ChinaFVF will dedicate to assist to promote more premium brands and to provide more high-quality products for the happiness of the society.


Joy Wing Mau Group  ----Ms. Li Lin (Manager of North China & GM of E-commerce Dept.) Witnessing the development of ChinaFVF, we decide to participate again this year. The exhibition grows fast and the amount of professional visitors increases a lot. It’s great to see many old friends and new clients in this industry during the exhibition. 

Honeywell International Inc.  ----Ms. Xie Lanqing (Communication Manager of Software Business Marketing, Productivity Solution Dept.) As one of the Fortune Global 500 company, Honeywell has impacts in aerospace, industrial engineering, vehicles fields, etc. around the world. ChinaFVF provides a good platform where we can meet growers, wholesalers worldwide. We are glad to help them improve their business through our software Honeywell PDA to manage solutions. We believe that there’ll be further development in software exploitation field to provide our service to more customers, and to better cooperate with ChinaFVF in the coming years. 

Zhengzhou Chen’s Sun  ----Ms. Chen Xuemei (Managing Director) Chen’s Sun is a trading company whose main business are foreign fruits importing and domestic fruits distribution. It has become the largest enterprise of high-quality fruits trading in central China. We got great help by participating this very internationalized exhibition. 

Beijing Xinfadi Farm Product Wholesale Market  ----Mr. Zhang Yuxi (President) It’s the important period to disintegrate some service functions from the capital, to improve the image, the efficiency, to get more chance to live, which we found it’s the same goal of ChinaFVF. Based on this consensus, we are confident to provide safe agricultural produce to the capital. 

The Republic of the Philippines Department of Agriculture  ----Mr. Noel (AgricultureCounselor)  We are honored to participate ChinaFVF 2017 as the Partner Country. Based on the advantage of the location, China has become the main exporting market of Philippines. Through the platform of this exhibition, we hope to find new partners in China and expand the exporting amount. We believe there’s a bright future of the trade between the two countries. 

Apple and Pear Australia Ltd.   ----Mr. Philip Turnbull (CEO) Australian horticultural companies, China CIQsand ChinaFVF keep a good relationship along all these years. There are about 20 exhibitors in the Australia Pavilion this year with a very successful exhibiting effect. We are glad to be the witness of the development of ChinaFVF and the close cooperation between the two countries.

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