Tomato prices start to fall
According to Mr. Liu from the Xinfadi Wholesale Market in Beijing, compared to leafy vegetables, the prices of tomatoes are falling relatively slowly, with even a slight increase earlier on. The reason behind the price change was that the supply of tomatoes from Jinzhou (Liaoning Province) started and supplemented the supply from Weifang (Shandong Province), Hengshui and Langfang (Hebei Province). The short supply of tomatoes in the market was temporarily eased.

Why were tomatoes in short supply earlier? The slow sales in some cultivation areas in Northern China between May and July last year caused a dramatic fall in the total yields of the same region this year. As a result, from May to July this year, the prices are higher than last year. Mr. Liu said in about one week or two, tomatoes from Jilin Province will enter the market in large volumes and by then the prices are expected to be slightly lower.