17 kinds of durian appear during the Thai durian festival
One only has to mention Thailand to evoke thoughts of the durian in the minds of many people, especially the golden pillow durian. But in fact there are many more varieties in Thailand than just this one kind. 

On the 24th of May, the second edition of the '2017 self-service buffet of Thai durians' took place in a shopping center in Bangkok. The organizer has prepared 17 kinds of durian for tourists to learn more about and possibly purchase.

This durian fruit festival is divided in two different areas: the fruit buffet and a farmer's market.

The Durian is reputed to be the "king of fruits", because it contains proteins and fiber. Durian farms can be found all over Thailand, from north to south, but each region has its own kind of durian. The most uncommon and most expensive is the exquisite durian from Uttaradit in the northeast of Thailand, with a price that can go up to 1200 Thai baht (approximately 31 EUR) per kilogram.

Besides these durians, a lot more varieties that are not often sold in supermarkets can be seen during the festival. The travelling ambassador of Thailand and the famous movie star Mario also made their appearance, which caused the fans to screech out loud.

Thailand is the number one producer of durians. Every year it can produce 700,000 tons, of which 400,000 are exported to China and Hong Kong.

Reports state that this year's festval in Bangkok will continue until the 3rd of June. Afterwards, shopping centers in Chiang Mai and Phuket will also each organize the festival. Each festival will take one week. The festival in Chiang Mai will open on June 7th and in Phuket on June 28th.