Malaysian durians to fly directly to China
Malaysia has for the first time ever obtained permission to export a large batch of durians directly to China. The head of agricultural and agro-based industries, Ahmad Shabery, says that he will lead 50 enterprises which deal with durians to participate in a large durian expo, which will take place in Nanning city in China in the middle of October. This will be one step closer to opening up the Chinese market. It is estimated that as soon as the Malaysian durians enter the Chinese market in great numbers, less durians will be exported to Singapore. 

The Chinese government specifically allowed the Malaysian retailers to organize the three-day 'Durian Carnival' expo in Nanning city between October 19th and 21st. Forecasts show that one or two containers holding 500 fresh durians, 500kg of frozen durian pulp, 200kg of durian ointment, 300kg of green pears and 300 pieces of jackfruit will be sent.