Ginger prices continue to rise
The rise of the ginger price in the past few years has increased the enthusiasm of farmers, who are now continuously increasing their ginger production areas, rapidly growing the ginger supply. Simultaneously, China's ginger export is slackening. The chaos both in China and abroad has led to a low ginger price for the past few years. Until May this year, the ginger price had been deteriorating. From May until June, it has increased constantly, rising close to 50% in just one month.

The ginger on the southern market is mostly brought in from areas in the north, like Shandong. The decline of the Shandong production has brought about a rise of the ginger price in the south. Zhang Junhua, a representative of the Beijing Xinfade Price Statistics Department, states that the recent rise in price in the south has been caused by the weather in Shandong, where rain has led to increased costs. Because of the heavy rain, fresh ginger has trouble growing, influencing the price of older ginger.

Currently, we not only work in Weifang in Shandong, we also have production sites in Tangshan and Hebei. Weifang ginger enters the market from May, while ginger from Tangshan only enters the market in the beginning of August. Mian ginger and turmeric are both different kinds of ginger. Compared to the steady rise in price of northern mian ginger, the price for southern turmeric continues to surge.