Fall in price of red grapes
This week, the price for red grapes has been showing a downward trend. At this moment the average price for one kilogram of red grapes is 1.79 EUR (14 RMB), while the average price last week was still 1.97 EUR (15.4 RMB) and the average price last month was 1.90 EUR (14.8 RMB). The average price for the same period last year was 1.67 EUR (13 RMB). There is thus a drop of 9.09% in a week, a drop of 5.41% in last month and a price increase of 7.69% over the year.

Also the sales of red grapes this week did not go smoothly. The main reason is the increasing amount of grapes arriving on the market. Currently the red grapes sold on the market are mainly available in the provinces of Yunnan and Shanxi. In Yunnan the goods from cold storehouses and product quality are particularly good. The price has risen a little due to reduced sales during the last period but, because red grapes from Shanxi hit the market this week, the dominant position of the red grapes from Yunnan was undermined. As a consequences, the price for all red grapes on the market has fallen.