Price of cherries stable on Shanghai market
According to the Labour Paper, Shanghai has officially entered the winter period as temperatures suddenly drop, yet the market for winter fruits is flourishing. The winter cherries exported from the Southern Hemisphere have just entered the market and their price is on the same level as last year. However, because the air freight is expensive, and the cherries from Australia and New Zealand are of high quality and are only produced in small volumes, their wholesale price has reached up to 80 yuan [12.15 USD] per 0.5 kg. The Chilean cherries are of average quality and are produced in large volumes, so their price has stayed between 45 and 50 yuan [6.83 and 7.59] per 0.5 kg.

Winter is the season of Southern Hemisphere cherries. There are Australian, New Zealand, and Chilean cherries. The American cherries from the Northern Hemisphere generally start in May, and only when summer arrives in the States do they arrive on the market. With regard to quality, the Australian and New Zealand cherries are of better quality than the Chilean cherries. More importantly, the Australian and New Zealand cherries better meet organic standards, so they are high-quality products, while Chilean cherries are more generally popular.